Daniel Stollar 
Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

Why book a Toastmaster

Like a west end performance......

 In a professional manner with a relaxed and calm appearance that reassures all that the curtains are ready to go up, Daniel, the director, graciously performs his toastmaster duties.

 Behind the scenes the venue, caterer, disco or band, photographer, videographer and any other auxiliary staff are liaised with and given a performance schedule that must be timed to perfection.

 The scenes are set, the audience are seated and the cast are ready.

 But where would they be without Daniel? All over the show.

 Daniel's care and attention to detail go without saying in his role as a Toastmaster, Event Manager or Party Host and he will ensure that your dream function will run smoothly and to perfection.

 It will be just like the greatest show on earth.